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  • 9th November 2017

How to write blog headlines that drive search traffic and shares

How to write blog headlines that drive search traffic and shares

  • Since the advent of the digital marketing, the scope of traditional marketing has been greatly diminished. Almost all the leading corporates and startups started including the digital marketing costs in their total business budget. In fact, digital marketing is the major source of the popularization of the brands. The digital marketing strategies are diverse and there is a lot of things involved in it. One of the effective digital marketing strategies is content marketing. A well-written content is capable of boosting up the value of a product. The point is that the people have to first decide to read your content. The only way to convince them to engage in your article is using a captivating headline. If the headline is catchy enough to intrigue the readers your SEO friendly content will reach thousands out there.

    Five things to concentrate when writing a blog headline

    Here we have compiled a list of five important things that should be concentrated on writing a blog’s headline that would bring in good traffic from the target audience.

    1. Include Keywords

    An SEO friendly article is most likely to survive in the Google ranking race. Most of the article writing sites encourage the writers to come with an article where the appropriate amounts of keywords are placed in the right spot. This way they could increase its visibility in the search engines. Likewise, you should use your target keywords (related to your content) in the article’s headline to make it visible in the SERPs.

    If you think of writing a captivating headline that contains all sorts of fancy words that aren’t directly related to your content then you could never expect traffic for your content.

    1. Don’t break trust with irrelevant headlines

    The whole point of building audience is based on the single potential element called as ‘trust’. When you give a totally irrelevant title to your article thinking that it would bring in you a great traffic, you are absolutely right. You could draw a lot of audience through a misleading title. But that will be the last time that audience will be visiting your site because you have simply broken their trust.

    A site which receives a lot of traffic for its content is the one that gives exactly what the audience wants. So never make the mistake of using a misleading title.

    1. KISS

    Do not write an exhaustingly long title for your content. Even though it is well-phrased and contains the keywords it might miss to catch the attention of the readers just because of its length. So when you want to give a captivating title for your article, stick to a short one.

    When readers first see the headline on the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages), they must be able to know what’s in it within a second. That’s how they could end up clicking the link to read the full content. Keep it short and sweet!

    1. Use intriguing words

    Most of the people who search on Google will begin with ‘free’ and also on the list of search results they would mostly prefer the one that has the word ‘free’ in it. From this, you should learn the importance of using the power words in the title.

    The power words also include easy, new, latest, top, etc. When you use these words in your titles that would increase the attraction of the content and your content will be preferred over the one with the so-called fancy titles. So use these intriguing words in your headline based on the theme of your content.

    1. ‘Steps’ based headline

    The most captivating and informative headline over everything will be the headlines that start with “Five steps to…”.These headlines would reveal what all the thing that could be expected from the content and also how much time the audience need to spend their time it.

    This kind of headlines has a special charm to it that the audience feels it kind of a promising one. In fact, they mostly prefer this kind of headlines over other captivating headlines. If you could write content that supports these headlines then you could probably attract more audience.

    Therefore, the above-mentioned steps would help you construct a catchy headline for your SEO-friendly article. Never underestimate the importance of a title in your article. You could even hire best writers from the article writing sites to come up with a top-notch article but never forget that a good headline is a key to your content.

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