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  • 29th January 2018

Shorten your URL with a custom domain

Shorten your URL with a custom domain

The revolution of the internet includes the plethora of opportunities it provides on making money online. Even though the cyberspace is full of algorithms and threats, the strategies for earning online keeps on elevating. All the money making strategies facilitate the profit on both ends. That's the constant achievement of the web 2.0 revolution. Out of the many legitimate ways of making money online and enhancing the online presence of your sites and products, we are going to elaborate the Branded custom URLs shorteners in this article. What is URL shrinking? The URL shortening is the process of giving a shrunken link to your site or product by registering into one of the many URL shortening services available online. Once you register with a URL shortening site, you should provide the link to your site and get the new shortened link to your site. Share the new link on all your social media accounts and every time someone clicks that link to enter your site it will display an advertisement that can be skipped after several seconds before taking them into your site. This way you will receive some amount in your account. When you have a high traffic site then you could really make a fortune out of these URL shorteners. Custom domain with URL shorteners There might be several misconceptions that the URL shorteners are the tools of spammers. But it is proved that using a custom domain with the URL shorteners prove to be an efficient way to increase the clicks rating up to 25%. To get a custom domain, you could use the famous service like Domainr and use them with the URL shortener so that the credibility of the link remains intact and it will ensure the audience that it is your own custom domain. Now if you are planning to use a URL shortening service without losing your audience, this is a perfect way. Some reputed URL shorteners We are shedding some light on some of the reputed URL shortening services you could make use of depending on your need. It is no wonder if you had heard about these services before because there is a greater probability that you had stumbled across one. You could not avoid them in your internet journey.

  • ly
We are starting the list with the, one of the oldest and majorly used URL shortening services across the world. It is also one of the most trusted URL shorteners. This service offers a decent sum of money whenever people enter your site through its link. Precisely, you could earn up to the maximum of ten dollars for every thousand clicks. If you have a website or product that receives a lot of traffic then you could make use of this service to earn a good passive income.
  • net
This is also a well-reputed brand in the URL shrinking. It has a good Alexa global ranking and garnered a lot of valuable customers all over the world. When you shorten your URL with the you could earn up to Three to five dollars for every thousand views. This would also provide a good source of passive income. With you could also make money from the referrals. Likewise, there are lots of trusted URL shortening services available online. You could make use of any one of them with your custom domain.

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