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  • 29th January 2018

Live streaming

Live streaming

Even though the internet has advanced in a way beyond our imagination, we cannot just be cent percent sure about the security. The security is mostly compromised without our knowledge. We would firmly believe that our data is secure and that is the loophole the internet scammers use to exploit our sensitive information. When it comes to live-streaming unless we are super specific about choosing the secured device we cannot rely on the fact that our streaming data is not being exploited. Importance of choosing secured live streaming devices When you are planning on making revenue based live broadcasting, you should be more aware of the hackers who are waiting like the hungry wolves to devour your data. When you are using a least-secured device for your live video streaming you can never expect to gain the target profit you were planning to receive. Most of the live video streaming platforms face threats in several different possible ways and unless we figure out everything and resolve it we can’t expect to secure the streaming data. Instead of squeezing our brain to sort out all the threats we could simply apt the high secured device for the live streaming. Basically, your live streaming content is stored on the server and top-notch security must be given to that server. But on the other hand, when too much security is applied to the server, it compromises on the speed of the live broadcasting. So when you choose the live streaming devices these are the things you must keep in mind. You cannot just buy some random device just because they are low cost and offer cheap plans. When you look back in the history you could find some really massive attacks on this realm and that should be considered as a lesson on why you should choose a high secured device to live stream your events. Why should you choose Freedocast pro device?

  • You could be already using a live broadcasting device never sure about its security. If so, then it is the right time to take a right decision. You could blindly switch to the Freedocast pro live streaming device and stop worrying about the security.
  • The Freedocast pro device is reputed for its flawless and secured streaming. It offers one of the best streaming plans that are entirely worth for its money. It offers a variety of amazing features and probably says yes to all your streaming needs.
  • You could connect any video source with the Freedocast through its HDMI IN and you could stream videos in your own Wowza server.
  • The Freedocast pro device can be connected to your WI-FI or Ethernet.
  • It also allows you to simulcast videos on platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. when it is allowed by those platforms.
  • In this device, you could connect an external mic for the enhanced voice quality. In the Freedocast application, you should simply change some settings for the external audio source to work.
  • The Freedocast offers both the free and paid plans. When you want to stream on a single platform then the Freedocast service is extremely free but if you want to live stream on multiple platforms you should subscribe to any one of their affordable plans.
This product is preferred by a wide range of customers and that is the proof for its credibility.

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